26 februarie 2012

Squares and quilled flowers

I love these little punched squares with border and thinking for a long time to put some flowers on them. Now was the perfect time:)

I made this card having in mind a little gift with a ribbon, a red satin ribbon.

Love the combination of these simple flowers, the pale yellow, red and pale pink.

Wish you a wonderful day!

3 comentarii:

  1. Ce imi place cum ai asezat fundita! e chiar foarte eleganta!

  2. Foarte frumoase si delicate. Felicitari kiddo

    p.s.- o perioada nu am reusit sa intru in casuta la tine....imi aparea mesaj ca ai avea ceva malware.
    Intram si apoi ma arunca afara :(
    Ma bucur ca s-a rezolvat problema si pot din nou sa iti admir frumoasele lucrari.
    Si acum la sfarsit, iti doresc un Paste Fericit!


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