25 decembrie 2011

Season's Greetings


P.S. This is my last post for this year. I had a very busy week and, unfortunately,I caught a bad virus which kept me away from paper:( So, I just added a few more pictures in my Christmas 2011 album. All the best for you and for your dear ones! Have wonderful holidays, peace, joy and happiness in your souls!

17 decembrie 2011

Beehive quilling flower

What can you do when you come from dentist, don't feel your right side of the face, are not aloud to eat, drink or sleep for at least three or four hours, meaning at midnight? Try a new quilling technique! For me this worked best! And believe me that I forgot about everything else!

The new technique is Beehive quilling invented by Susan. Thank you very much, Susan, for sharing this wonderful quilling technique! I just LOVE it! 

This new technique is presented in a very good video tutorial by Pritesh Ananth Krishnan. Thank you very much, Pritesh, for the great tutorial! 

And now the card I made!

Soon a Christmas card made using the same technique! 
Wish you a wonderful Sunday!

15 decembrie 2011

More Christmas cards

Thank you everybody for the lovely comments! And sorry for I was not being able to leave you some words on your new projects! Very busy with making Christmas cards. Yes, I know, I again let everything on the last minute.

 The patterns for these cards are from Stitching cards and PinBroidery. I replace the beads with some quilling.

And my Christmas wreaths made from snowflakes:) The little angel was inspired by the lovely angel seen on Claire's blog and the border is from PinBroidery free patterns.

Next post will be with more quilling. Until than wish you a wonderful day!

11 decembrie 2011

During a break...

...of making Christmas cards and using Inna's card for inspiration, I made a Hanukkah quilled card for a friend. The paper with "flames" is from a chocolate box:) I just saved it because I loved the color! And now was the perfect time to use it.

I will be back soon with more Christmas cards! Wish you a wonderful week!

4 decembrie 2011

Origami Christmas ornament

Two years ago I started folding paper and wished for a Christmas tree decorated only with origami ornaments! Last year that wish came true, but the tree was a little too big for the ornaments I had made. So, this year I decided that I need more ornaments and new models:) 

I started with a variation by Tomoko Fuse of the Ant Lion's Nest by Silvana Betti Mamino. You can find the diagram in Tomoko Fuse's book Unit Origami Fantasy. I used 3,5 cm/7 cm paper, the finished model is approximative 6 cm in diameter. No need of glue for this kusudama!

I love this 90 units model!

And here is my first origami tutorial. I am not very good at giving instructions, but hopefully you will manage to fold it using this tutorial. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

I am linking this to Copilarim- Impodobim bradul!

Wish you a wonderful Sunday!

L.E. You can curl the inside parts before or after assembling the kusudama. I did it after assembling it using my quilling tool, a tooth stick  cut a little in half at one point:)

1 decembrie 2011

Let it snow...

...with quilling snowflakes:) I enjoyed a lot making them and than the cards. I used only white and blue, but love how they turned out! All the cards measure 10,5 cm/10,5 cm.

You can find pictures with each card in my Christmas 2011 album.
Wish you a wonderful day! And I will be back soon with the promised tutorial!