15 decembrie 2011

More Christmas cards

Thank you everybody for the lovely comments! And sorry for I was not being able to leave you some words on your new projects! Very busy with making Christmas cards. Yes, I know, I again let everything on the last minute.

 The patterns for these cards are from Stitching cards and PinBroidery. I replace the beads with some quilling.

And my Christmas wreaths made from snowflakes:) The little angel was inspired by the lovely angel seen on Claire's blog and the border is from PinBroidery free patterns.

Next post will be with more quilling. Until than wish you a wonderful day!

5 comentarii:

  1. Wow!!! Ce de felicitari frumoase ai lucrat!!

  2. You know I Love stitching. what a lovely series of cards!

  3. Would have loved to see closeups of each but all so pretty!!


  4. This is beautiful. I just made my first embroidered christmas card the other day and it was so easy and pretty.
    Thanks for the link.


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