26 ianuarie 2013

Quilling lilac

Today I would like to share the card made for my mother's birthday. Her favourite flowers are lilac and lily of the valley. I am saving the lily of the valley for next year or maybe 8 of March :)

A beautiful flower in a nice box from Mihaela. Thank you!

These two photos show the real colour of the paper I used. 

The inspiration for the card is the beautiful lilac made by Inna.

Wish you a wonderful Sunday!

18 ianuarie 2013

Oriro with Morning Glory flowers

A new year, a new look for my blog.
 Thank you very much for all your good thoughts
 and wishes for the new year. And welcome to my new followers.

I would like to share my first 2013 kusudama, Oriro with Morning Glory flowers.

Oriro is a Romanian origami model created by Adina Paun. 
You can find a photo diagram here.


 Morning Glory is a traditional origami model and  here you find a tutorial made by Elyda.


12 red little fringed flowers and you have a beautiful kusudama :)

Wish you a wonderful weekend and a creative year!