30 septembrie 2011

Car cu flori

Constelatia Carul Mare, cautata cel mai des pe cerul verii in copilarie, parfumul florilor din noptile de vara si o reteta a modelelor de quilling, iata sursele de inspiratie pentru carul meu cu flori! Si pentru ca e vorba despre o noapte de vara, am ales o poza putin mai intunecata:)


27 septembrie 2011

Quilled flowers and butterflies

I prepared something sweet for a First Anniversary! The recipe for the cake was:

One sunflower for one year,
Twelve slices, one for each month of the year,

Flowers and butterflies saying "Congrats for a year of challenges!",
Hearts for our love for quilling! 

And this template for each slice:)

And two more pictures with the cake, this time with flash because I really wanted you to see that the sunflower sparkles and the beautiful purple of the butterflies:)

P.S. I started this cake sometime during the summer like a wedding gift for my cousin, but I just couldn't make it in time. It was sitting in a box waiting to be finished.  Now I will have the perfect gift for her First Wedding Anniversary!

25 septembrie 2011

Flower card

Just a short post with a small flower made using husking technique. I used pins for my flower and leaves. The embossed card is from Papermania.

Wish you a wonderful week, filled with inspiration!

21 septembrie 2011

Sweet baby cousins!

And the other projects I was telling you about are two photo albums for my baby cousins Iulia and Alex! And a card for Alex, of course. Iulia received the one with the beautiful pink dress. This time I made the accordion type album and I can tell you that is more suitable for quilling on each page:)

18 septembrie 2011

Happy Birthday, again :)

This time for my father! It was his birthday this week, so I will start with the box I made for him. He loves tea and I thought that a box for keeping it will be the best gift. I used a paper table napkin with tea models for it and applied on the box using the next tutorial. And because he loves reading, I made a bookmark as well:) I can tell you that he loved them, even if the box didn't come out right how I wished to be.

The other projects I was working on are done as well. I will tell you only that for those I made some quilling:)

Wish you a wonderful Sunday!

4 septembrie 2011


It's a little late, I am sleepy, but I couldn't go to bed and not share with you my joy! I was checking my e-mail and had a great surprise to find out that I won a voucher for Sa margelim! via Scrapper in Romania where I entered the card with stitching and butterfly! I am very happy for it because I missed the challenge of July: paper quilled jewellery from Take a Quill Pill and I was postponing making something because I didn't have the accessories for it. Now I will have everything, only find time and the right mood for it :) Yes, I know that I cannot participate with my work to that challenge anymore, but for me it remain a challenge, any way, like the one I missed on Scrapper in Romania. I love challenges, they really help me take steps forward in discovering my skills for handmade and my creativity! Some of us are born with a great talent and creativity, others with skills to do things and not too much creativity. I am part of the second type, but I believe that everything needs work to progress :)

And to not get too boring with so much words I will share another card made this week.

For the next two weeks I will be missing in action because I have three projects in work. Hope I will be able to share with you at least a sneak-peek before finishing them and pay you regular visits :)

Wish you all a great week and a lot of inspiration! Thanks all of you from being here with your encouraging words!

3 septembrie 2011

Cards for all occasions

As you can see stitching is my new passion:) So I made more stitching cards this week. The first two were made last week. Hope that the red one will become a framed picture. It was my first stitching! I don't have yet the right thread for them, but I think they look well enough with the regular thread.

For this one the pattern was with beads, but because I don't have any, I created a model for the flowers. I am sure is nothing new and is a simple one, but I am glad I had an idea which turned out nice :) In the next one I added a little bit of quilling. I hoped that the dragonfly will look more golden, but it turned out a dark yellow:)

Wish you a wonderful Sunday!