27 septembrie 2011

Quilled flowers and butterflies

I prepared something sweet for a First Anniversary! The recipe for the cake was:

One sunflower for one year,
Twelve slices, one for each month of the year,

Flowers and butterflies saying "Congrats for a year of challenges!",
Hearts for our love for quilling! 

And this template for each slice:)

And two more pictures with the cake, this time with flash because I really wanted you to see that the sunflower sparkles and the beautiful purple of the butterflies:)

P.S. I started this cake sometime during the summer like a wedding gift for my cousin, but I just couldn't make it in time. It was sitting in a box waiting to be finished.  Now I will have the perfect gift for her First Wedding Anniversary!

15 comentarii:

  1. This is so terrific, wonderful quilling.

  2. Congratulations for beautiful work!! ;D
    Kisses and good weekend

  3. This is so beautiful Kiddo! Nice choice of colours too. Thank you so much for participating in Take a quill pill's Anniversary challenge.

  4. Foarte frumos tortul, Kiddo! Felicitari!
    Cu ce ai taiat sablonul pentru feliile de tort? Ai folosit carton, nu?

  5. Such a lot of work! but it has paid off. The cake looks awesome. Beautiful quilling.

  6. What a charming and beautiful piece! I think it's a wonderful idea.

  7. he he he :) ... Arata foarte tare... nu o sa-i arat linkul in cazul acesta!!! Dar ti-a iesit super...abea astept sa-l vad in real life!

  8. This is beautiful! What a great way to say congratulations!

  9. Congratulations for ur winning in Piyu's Take a quill pill challenge....



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