3 septembrie 2011

Cards for all occasions

As you can see stitching is my new passion:) So I made more stitching cards this week. The first two were made last week. Hope that the red one will become a framed picture. It was my first stitching! I don't have yet the right thread for them, but I think they look well enough with the regular thread.

For this one the pattern was with beads, but because I don't have any, I created a model for the flowers. I am sure is nothing new and is a simple one, but I am glad I had an idea which turned out nice :) In the next one I added a little bit of quilling. I hoped that the dragonfly will look more golden, but it turned out a dark yellow:)

Wish you a wonderful Sunday!

6 comentarii:

  1. They are all so pretty! My favorite is the last one.

  2. All so strikingly beautiful and fit to frame


  3. Beautiful stitching and some wonderful designs. I will have to get my needle and thread out soon.

  4. Muito belos e delicados seus trabalhos. Adorei todos!

  5. These are very beautiful. I really like this technique, but have yet to try it. :) Hugs!

  6. These cards are lovely. I discovered stitching lately and it is addictive.


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