4 septembrie 2011


It's a little late, I am sleepy, but I couldn't go to bed and not share with you my joy! I was checking my e-mail and had a great surprise to find out that I won a voucher for Sa margelim! via Scrapper in Romania where I entered the card with stitching and butterfly! I am very happy for it because I missed the challenge of July: paper quilled jewellery from Take a Quill Pill and I was postponing making something because I didn't have the accessories for it. Now I will have everything, only find time and the right mood for it :) Yes, I know that I cannot participate with my work to that challenge anymore, but for me it remain a challenge, any way, like the one I missed on Scrapper in Romania. I love challenges, they really help me take steps forward in discovering my skills for handmade and my creativity! Some of us are born with a great talent and creativity, others with skills to do things and not too much creativity. I am part of the second type, but I believe that everything needs work to progress :)

And to not get too boring with so much words I will share another card made this week.

For the next two weeks I will be missing in action because I have three projects in work. Hope I will be able to share with you at least a sneak-peek before finishing them and pay you regular visits :)

Wish you all a great week and a lot of inspiration! Thanks all of you from being here with your encouraging words!

12 comentarii:

  1. Felicitari:D!!! Si mie imi plac provocarile foarte mult:)!! Ma bucur ca ai castigat si abia astept sa vad ce vei realiza:)!!

    Si bineinteles sper ca nu vei rata provocarea urmatoare:)

  2. Congratulations on your winning! You are really into stitching, addicting aren't they? I have to make some of these cards soon.

  3. Felicitari, Kiddo! Abia astept sa vad ce vei realiza!

  4. You have created so many wonderful projects with stiching and quilling! Beautiful!
    Kindest regards,
    Jennifer Ferrell

  5. Gorgeous,beautiful stitching,colours and design....
    Mandy x

  6. Hi, thank you very much for visiting my blog and for the wonderful words!

    Congratulations! Your work is very beautiful and very well done. We can see and sense just good things coming from your work.

    Have a really nice day.

  7. Modelul cu cele doua floricele este unul dintre preferatele mele. Destul de migalos, dar e frumos.

    Spor la treaba si abia astept sa vad ce ai mai creat!


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