21 noiembrie 2011

New Christmas wreath

Hi, dear friends! I know I said will be a little quiet around here:) But because everybody is working on Christmas projects I just wanted to share with you my new idea of Christmas wreath. I used for it my new snowflake punch! Cut out a circle of paper around 0,5cm wide and glued the punched snowflakes around it. Than the little red tight scrolls and the ribbon. So, here is the wreath! In some parts the snowflakes are a little crowded, but the next will look better:)

Please, let me know how you like it! Wish you a wonderful week!

17 noiembrie 2011

Christmas cards and happy news

I don't know about you, but for me the time seems to fly!!! I started to make cards for Christmas and wish to make some beautiful handmade gifts for the dear ones, but the days are so short! So, unfortunately, will be a little quiet around here for a while. But promise I will be back soon with my new projects and a tutorial for Christmas origami ornaments!

Two of the Christmas cards made last week, one with snowflake. I can tell you I love quilling snowflakes!!! I used patterns found on internet, but I made my own patterns, too. My favorite patterns and tutorials are on Ann Martin's, Molly Smith's and Claire's! Do visit their blogs and for sure you will get inspired!

I wanted to tell you that last week I had a lot of beautiful surprises! I found out that my cake is in Top 3 on First Anniversary challenge on Take a Quill Pill! And besides that I was the lucky winner of a T-shirt from Kathy!
The Creativity Box from Paper Mojo won on Ann Martin's giveaway arrived and I can tell you is amazing!

My sister in law sent me some beautiful ribbons to use for my cards! They arrived on the same day as the paper:)

And Carmen's jewells are so, so beautiful in real life! After admiring for so long on her blog, I decided that I would love to wear something special for winter holidays! And I had a great surprise to find that she sent me a gift, too, the owl earrings!

Wish you a wonderful day and lot of time for your handmade projects!

2 noiembrie 2011

Patterned paper with leaves

Just a short post with my new cards. I made some patterned paper with my new stamp set! Hope you like it!

Wish you a wonderful day!