4 decembrie 2011

Origami Christmas ornament

Two years ago I started folding paper and wished for a Christmas tree decorated only with origami ornaments! Last year that wish came true, but the tree was a little too big for the ornaments I had made. So, this year I decided that I need more ornaments and new models:) 

I started with a variation by Tomoko Fuse of the Ant Lion's Nest by Silvana Betti Mamino. You can find the diagram in Tomoko Fuse's book Unit Origami Fantasy. I used 3,5 cm/7 cm paper, the finished model is approximative 6 cm in diameter. No need of glue for this kusudama!

I love this 90 units model!

And here is my first origami tutorial. I am not very good at giving instructions, but hopefully you will manage to fold it using this tutorial. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

I am linking this to Copilarim- Impodobim bradul!

Wish you a wonderful Sunday!

L.E. You can curl the inside parts before or after assembling the kusudama. I did it after assembling it using my quilling tool, a tooth stick  cut a little in half at one point:)

7 comentarii:

  1. The tutorial looks great, kiddo! you knew I love modular origami and I will definitely try this. Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. wow!!!! mie mi se pare grozav tutorialul. sigur il voi incerca:D
    bafta la concurs si multumim pentru participare!!

  3. Thanks for the tutorial...loved it...

  4. Foarte bun tutorialul Kiddo!
    Bafta la concurs!

  5. It's wonderful Irina! I will certainly try it!

  6. Always loved your folding !! This looks fabulous. Thanks for the steps.


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