17 decembrie 2011

Beehive quilling flower

What can you do when you come from dentist, don't feel your right side of the face, are not aloud to eat, drink or sleep for at least three or four hours, meaning at midnight? Try a new quilling technique! For me this worked best! And believe me that I forgot about everything else!

The new technique is Beehive quilling invented by Susan. Thank you very much, Susan, for sharing this wonderful quilling technique! I just LOVE it! 

This new technique is presented in a very good video tutorial by Pritesh Ananth Krishnan. Thank you very much, Pritesh, for the great tutorial! 

And now the card I made!

Soon a Christmas card made using the same technique! 
Wish you a wonderful Sunday!

15 comentarii:

  1. Wow! This is so perfectly Irina. I love the brilliant red! So Christmassy already!

  2. Really lovely card, love the Beehive design, and its looks great in red !!!!

  3. Outstanding! Thanks for the links to the tutorial

  4. So very beautiful....Hope the "bee"hive has sweetly stung everybody.....

  5. Wooow, this is so beautiful....red n green really really nicely. I love this so much, Kiddo....looks so bright...
    Thank you so much for trying beehive technique. Hope you always enjoy it.


  6. Este foarte interesanta tehnica, iar tie ti-a iesit o felicitare superba!

  7. Lovely Beehive technique!! Kiddo. Your flower looks beautiful.

  8. Am vazut si eu ca au aparut modele cu tehnica aceasta pe blogurile de quilling. Arata minunat!
    Multumesc pentru filmulet. De-abia astept sa vad urmatoarele creatii :)

  9. Beautiful work....I hope your mouth is feeling better soon.

  10. WOW this is gorgeous, have a merry Xmas and happy new year

  11. Superba felicitarea!Bravo!
    Foarte interesanta aceasta tehnica! Am incercat-o si mi-a placut rezultatul.
    Tot cautand pe net am mai gasit si acest tutorial http://papercraftss.blogspot.com/2010/07/multiple-loops.html, pe care m-am gandit sa ti-l arat si tie.


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