24 februarie 2012

Busy with spring:)

More than a week of silence on my blog! Busy, busy, busy with spring, like Anca said. I have my first order for martisoare and 8 of March cards! More than 70 martisoare and 50 cards!!! Sounded a little bit scary for me, but hopefully I will manage to get them ready in time.

I think you already know from the Romanian and Bulgarian blogs about the celebration of spring on 1st of March:)

 I found these colorful paper strips very inspirational!

So, I made a lot of rolls for my martisoare and cards. I think they are very handy! Is a lot easier to make my flowers and butterflies having all these prepared! And, to be honest, I just love looking at them, brings my spirits up!

But, please, don't imagine my cards will be so, so colorful! No, most of my orders were for a lot of white and red:) That means a lot of white and red on my blog in the next days.

Wish you a wonderful day!

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