28 februarie 2012

Purple for a change:)

Admiring Suzana's cards for Mother's Day I remembered I have purple organza ribbon. And thought wow, a break from red and white will be great!

I wished for a long  time to quill this side view of a flower with butterfly, seen on many quilling blogs. But for some reason I was just postponing it. Maybe because I was afraid of not getting the right angle for the flower.

Sorry for the little blurred picture, but I don't have very steady hands sometimes and don't like taking pictures with flash, only if is necessary.

This time I used a paper bead for the ribbon. Is made out of a strip of paper which came out uneven from my paper shredder.

Hope you enjoyed the purple break.
See you tomorrow with a red and white card.

Wish a wonderful day!

6 comentarii:

  1. very pretty, love the ribbon and paper bead adds such elegants !!!

  2. your card and quilling is perfect!!

    still loving the paper bead on the ribbon :)

  3. Si aceasta felicitare ti-a iesit frumos, simpla si eleganta!!!

  4. loved how u used paper strip with the ribbon..very cute idea..

  5. Thanks, Kiddo, it's so nice of you to mention me. Your card is great, I love your idea to use paper as bead.


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