14 februarie 2012

Happy Valentine's Day 3

My third Valentine's card! For this one the inspiration was Ann Martin's card. Mine didn't came out so simple and elegant, but I love it anyway. The part I don't really like is that I have too much red on it and not different kinds of red:( The little birds are inspired by Azlina's delicate birds. I just love them!

Wish you a wonderful week! Hope you enjoyed my trio:)

5 comentarii:

  1. Nu stiu cum este felicitarea Annei, dar a ta este atat de sweet. Imi place cum ti-a iesit.

  2. This is soon stinkin sweet and cute!

  3. Sooo cute, loce the little birds and all the little hearts!!!!

  4. what cute little birds - your quilling is so pretty


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