14 martie 2012

Easter card

I finished in time all my cards for International Women's Day! Hurray! I still have to share with you a few more designs, but I would like to present you my first Easter card.

I wished to quill the symbols of Easter, the biblical symbols and tried my best. I love Easter bunny, the eggs, but I don't know why I felt this year that I would love to make some cards which will send the message of true meaning of Spring Holiday.

My smallest tool for quilling is a skewer:) I should find something else for tiny quilled pieces, though. Do let me know what do you think about my card! I would love to read your opinion!

Wish you a beautiful spring day!

9 comentarii:

  1. Here in Brazil we are in the fall, but your card is beautiful in any season.

  2. These are so neatly done...a lovely Easter card.

  3. Frumoasa si originala!N-am stiut de aceste simboluri!

  4. Super idee cu graul! Sper sa se prinda oamenii :)
    Cred ca la paine si vin te refereai, nu? Imi place tusul de pe marginea cercului.

  5. Buna ! azi am descoperit blogul tau este foarte reusit , felicitari .Ai modele foarte frumoase , iar povestea fiecarei m-a incantat .Sper sa ajung si eu intro zi sa fac astfel de minunatii . Inca odata felicitari pentru tot ce faci .

  6. your cards are gaorgeous and you ust have lots of patience for the small pieces

  7. As always your card is beautiful...Your quilling is amazing...
    Mandy x

  8. I must have forgotten to press publish button previously. Here's mine.

    I love the beautiful lace across the card. Overall, it's pretty and most importantly, it represent the biblical symbols; the last supper.


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