28 iunie 2015

Pretty quilled flowers

Hello dear friends,

Today I would like to share a birthday card made using Cecelia Louie's design for flowers in vases.
 I just love this design and I wanted to try it for a long time. During April I was asked by my sister in law to make a card for her friend and I thought is the best choice since she is a florist.

I took the pictures on a very sunny morning and the light played nice tricks with the paper colors.

The vibrant red of the flowers is just lovely.

And in this dark one I love how the yellow looks like burning on the touch of sunshine.

And for last I left the picture received on Friday and which made my day.

Yes, the card got a lovely frame and I am more than happy to see it! I think this is the happiest moment for somebody who is making handmade goods. At least, for me, it was :)

Wish you a wonderful and creative week!

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