14 martie 2012

Easter card

I finished in time all my cards for International Women's Day! Hurray! I still have to share with you a few more designs, but I would like to present you my first Easter card.

I wished to quill the symbols of Easter, the biblical symbols and tried my best. I love Easter bunny, the eggs, but I don't know why I felt this year that I would love to make some cards which will send the message of true meaning of Spring Holiday.

My smallest tool for quilling is a skewer:) I should find something else for tiny quilled pieces, though. Do let me know what do you think about my card! I would love to read your opinion!

Wish you a beautiful spring day!

8 martie 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Today we celebrate Mother's Day! I dreamed for a long time to make this card for my mother, a combination of quilling and stitching. Basket of flowers pattern from Stitching cards, her favorite pattern, but with quilled flowers!

I stitched only the basket and  for flowers and leaves I used 1,5mm hand cut paper strips. I felt that only tiny flowers will go very well with the stitched basket.

I put in this flowers all my love for my mother. Tried to make a special and most beautiful card for her! Hope I managed to do so, even if it could be better here and there.

Hope you enjoyed your visit! Wish you a very Happy Mother's Day!

2 martie 2012

Purple and yellow flowers

And the purple and yellow version of my other post card. I decided to let the red and white card yesterday being the 1st of March, first day of spring in Romania:)

We had a beautiful warm, sunny day, no clouds and no rain. Really a spring day!

Today seamed like yesterday was just a dream of spring, a very short visit of my favorite season.

But for sure spring will come, with flowers, sunny days and lots of wonderful scents in the air!

Wish you a sunny weekend!