29 noiembrie 2012

Quilling for Christmas I

       Thank you very much for your visits and kind words! And welcome to my new followers!
         Because Christmas is coming very soon (I don't know how time is just flying) I would like to share my 2012 Christmas cards.

         First one is with a little candle. 

  A candle and a poinsettia flower surrounded by swirl branches.

I just love this embossed border! I feel is going very well with quilling.

Wish you a wonderful day!

8 comentarii:

  1. Ma bucur sa fiu prima care te saluta si iti spune ce felicitare frumoasa ai facut, in acelasi stil simplu si rafinat care te caracterizeaza.

  2. Ma bucur ca ai revenit!!! Imi place felicitarea ta, asa cum a spus si Ileana, este simpla, dar atat de eleganta!!!

  3. Imi place mult de tot! Si modelul embosat e perfect!! Asa de bine incadreaza quillingul.
    Asteptam si mai multe frumuseti!

  4. beautiful card - love the Christmas quilling

  5. So pretty! How do you make such a pretty border on te card?


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