27 august 2011

Happy Birthday!

Today is my dear husband's birthday, so besides a delicious chocolate cake I made a card for him, too. One cup for him, one cup for me, he loves coffee, I love tea :) But important is that we love each other!

Stitching is my new passion :) Since I saw Helen's cards I wished to combine quilling with stitching! And finally I made it! The sentiment is from Pinbroidery and the inspiration for the cups came from Cheryl. For beautiful stitching models you should visit Helen's blog.
Thank you all for the inspiration, for visits and lovely comments! They mean a lot for me! I missed you all!

I made two more cards and a picture which hopefully will get framed sometimes in the near future:) I used the stitching technique for those, too. But I save them for next week:)

10 comentarii:

  1. It looks really nice! you are one step a head of me. Stitching letters is my next step. Great job!

  2. Kiddo such a lovely card and enjoy the celebration.


  3. Frumoasa felicitare. La multi ani sotului tau!!!

  4. Wow your stitching is so good. Nice card Kiddo.

  5. La multi ani sotului tau! Foarte draguta felicitarea!

  6. Какая хорошенькая! Такая прелесть!!!

  7. Wow, this is so pretty, the cups, th colours! Great and inspirational work!

  8. So sweet... I love teacups or coffee cups!
    Hope your hubby had a nice birthday!

    xxx Monica

  9. Thanks for giving me so much credits. I think you did a beautiful job here. Regards


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