12 iulie 2015

Summer card

Hello dear friends,

Today I am back with a summer card! Sunny days, poppies and wheat.

For making the poppies petals I used Alli Bartkowski's technique found in her
 book "Quilled flowers. A garden of 35 paper projects".

As for the center of the flowers, I followed  Inna's tutorial.

And a close-up of my quilled poppies.

Wish you a beautiful Sunday and a wonderful week!

28 iunie 2015

Pretty quilled flowers

Hello dear friends,

Today I would like to share a birthday card made using Cecelia Louie's design for flowers in vases.
 I just love this design and I wanted to try it for a long time. During April I was asked by my sister in law to make a card for her friend and I thought is the best choice since she is a florist.

I took the pictures on a very sunny morning and the light played nice tricks with the paper colors.

The vibrant red of the flowers is just lovely.

And in this dark one I love how the yellow looks like burning on the touch of sunshine.

And for last I left the picture received on Friday and which made my day.

Yes, the card got a lovely frame and I am more than happy to see it! I think this is the happiest moment for somebody who is making handmade goods. At least, for me, it was :)

Wish you a wonderful and creative week!

26 martie 2015

Papilio Machaon, quilled version

Hello dear friends,

Today was a sunny, warm day, a real spring day. So, I decided to share with you my quilled version of Papilio Machaon butterfly. I made it like a birthday gift for a very special friend who loves nature very much. 

I searched trough a lot of pictures with this butterfly on Google and took me more than a week to decide how I will shape it from paper :)

This was my guide picture and you can find it on Flickriver here.

Choosing the most appropriate colors was another challenge, but not so hard like deciding how to start my paper project. And here it is, my Papilio Machaon.

I just love butterflies! They look so fragile, but are so beautiful and make our summer 
days a lot more sunnier.

A lovely creature deserves a frame, a frame which will show even better the vibrant colors.

For the frame I used Dana's tutorial,
 changing the sizes for a square frame.

I would like to enter my paper project for the March UnstampaBelles Challenge, with the harmony or/and peace theme.

Hope you had a nice journey through a sunny summer day with my quilled butterfly.

Wish you a wonderful day!

22 februarie 2015

Pretty Quilled Cards, a book review

Hello dear friends,

I am in love with Cecelia Louie's cards designs, with her simple and yet so amazing lines, twirls, swirls and spirals. She has a unique style in quilling, "a bit unorthodox" in Cecelia's own words and it was love at first site! I tried to imagine how all those beautiful quilled shapes are coming to life and, like in a dream which comes true, last year I found out that Cecelia will be the author for "Pretty Quilled Cards: 25+ Creative Designs for Greetings and Celebrations" with instructions for making cards and other beautiful paper projects. So, my little quilling library became greater with this book, which was a birthday present from my husband:)

I love this book and I feel that is a "must" for all quillers, beginners or advanced, because is filled with so many awesome tips and techniques, very detailed instructions for different quilled shapes, all illustrated with very good pictures. I learnt a lot of new things about quilling!

I especially loved the gluing tips she shares because I often misshaped my scrolls with a too deep glue puddle :)

Each project of the book has a list of components, a skill level and measurements for the paper strips used. You will find, too, the indications of the exact point for folding, cutting or pencil mark. 

In the same time the making of the components has a very detailed description in words, actual sized diagrams and sometimes pictures. And you will find a picture with the finished project, too.

All the instructions are so well written and illustrated that are more than easy to follow. You only need a piece of card stock, the paper strips necessary for the project and by using Cecelia's "recipe"  your card will be ready in no time!

I just love all the projects in the book and already made a few of them, but my first try was the new baby card. I liked very much the flourishes from inside the rattle and the lovely bow for the handle. In the book you will find a pretty color background with photocopy instructions for this card and for many others.

"Pretty Quilled Cards: 25+ Creative Designs for Greetings and Celebrations" is one of my favorite books and the techniques, ideas and quilled shapes contained in it are opening a lot of new perspectives in quilling and in the same time is a great inspiration for all quillers.

Thank you very much, Cecelia, for all the time and effort to put together a so beautiful and detailed book, with so clear and easy to understand and follow instructions! And for sharing a lot of secrets from behind the scene of making your amazing cards. I was very happy and in the same time very touched by your request of writing a review for your book.

Wish you all a wonderful week!

9 decembrie 2013

Christmas Bells

Hello, dear friends! Thank you for your visits and welcome to my new followers.
Today I would like to share another Christmas card. In fact three versions of a same card.

You can find the tutorial for branches on Mihaela's blog. I just love making them.

A close up of my little bells :)

And the other two versions of Christmas bell card.

With red bells and...

...with quilled ribbon.

My favourite is the one with "golden" bells. And yours?

Wish you a wonderful and creative week!